Perfect Skip Case Study

Perfect Skip is a platform that helps people working in the real estate business across the United States. The company provides information about landlords, property details, age, bankruptcy, IP address, relatives information, etc.

Perfect Skip platform evolved as the best property finder on the planet by providing the best results in the shortest time with a higher rate of information finding.

Platform for Perfect Skip Solution

The Challenge

Perfect Skip is connected to various integrations, which help it format the data, get the most accurate results, validate them, process them, and share them with the end-users. It offers various subscription models based on the needs of the customers.

Users are required to upload a file with the landlords’ address and names they want to get information about, or just the address of the properties is also acceptable. Once the user uploads the input file with the required information, the file is validated against specific parameters, the cost is calculated, and when the payment is made, the system takes it on to the next level of processing. The system then formats the file, divides the records into chunks as each file may have millions of records, and the integrity of the data has to be maintained.

This file processing is quite resource intensive. That means there is a spike in server load when many customers upload the files at the same time, such as during their sales and promotional events and campaigns. Usually, 50 to 60 files are processed each minute, but this can climb as high as 2,000 files per minute during peak time

The files are processed sequentially server side. During the peak time when it happens, sometimes in a month takes a few hours before the final output is shared with end customers. Accelerating the process and boosting the entire flow was indeed a challenge and must needed thing.

Why Anuyat

Before Anuyat started with the project, the client was doing all the processes manually. They had to put in more workforce for the peak time, and the overhead of keeping all the transactions offline was chaotic. There was also minimal scope for scaling the system as the file operations are very time-consuming and error-prone for human eyes.

When they decided to automate this process, they reached out to team Anuyat. They had the confidence that we can deliver because of our expertise in SaaS, problem-solving attitude, and proven experience in solving business challenges.

After an initial discussion, the Anuyat team provided a scalable architecture for this project by keeping the best interests in mind, such as low-cost development, fastest delivery. We also had to make sure that the infrastructure and maintenance costs for this project are kept lower. The scalability at peak time was a challenge, and it has to be solved to help their business prosper.

Our User Experience team developed initial wireframe with adobe xd, sketch, and other prototyping tools, and we decided to use Angular as a frontend technology, Node.js as a server-side framework, MongoDB as a database to support the unstructured and dynamic data, Stripe as the payment gateway, and various other business integrations, the platform is using AWS and it’s services.

All the transactions going through the system had to be fail-safe as each transaction is directly reflected in revenue for the client. Hence each transaction is monitored closely for errors, logs are monitored in real-time, and a fail-safe approach is implemented for each process.

We used microservice-based architecture for this platform to help to scale the platform and providing it with a robust infrastructure. Provisions are given to support upcoming mobility solutions development on this platform and other specific client portals.

Perfect Skip System Architecture

Perfect Skip solution architecture

Perfect Skip is an ongoing project where the Anuyat team keeps adding new features every month and keeps working towards delivering the best SaaS experience to our customers and their end-users.

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