We Are Now “Anuyat”

This is part of reinventing, reorganizing, rebranding, and transitioning into who we are. You can rest assured that you will experience the same high quality of service, dedication of our people to turn your ideas into reality.

With this transition, we are committed to delivering the Minimum Viable Products for your business in less than 90 days.

Why we are transitioning into Anuyat?

The principal reason for rebranding Penpenny Infotech was to clear up confusion. We realized that the name of our company ‘Penpenny Infotech’ and our product ‘Penpenny’ sounded rather similar. This occasioned confusion among users. Ergo, we wanted to make a significant distinction between the company and its products.

We hope you will continue to love and support us the same way as you did in our earlier AVATAR as Penpenny Infotech.

Why the name Anuyat?

Anuyat official logo

We chose the name ‘Anuyat’ because we were looking for a name that is both, meaningful and broad and one that communicates to you our core philosophy. We, therefore, came up with the simple yet unique and self-descriptive name, ‘Anuyat’. It is a Sanskrit word that means ‘to strive, to attain to or to reach’.

It reflects our values and best represents the essence of our work which is helping you edge nearer to your goals.  We always try to stay true to our guiding beliefs and endeavor to bring you success and be a brand that you are proud to be associated with. So, we simply put into one word what we do in practice. This makes it even more meaningful and self-explanatory. In addition to this, we wanted to keep it short and attractive too, hence the name Anuyat!

Impact On Customers

Even if the brand name has changed, we haven’t and our motivation to serve you better remains the same. We are just as passionate and dedicated to helping you flourish as we were before.

We assure you that the relationship we share with you would not be affected in any way. The legal bindings we hold are not to be affected. The only difference you will find is the name change from ‘Penpenny Infotech Pvt. Ltd’ to ‘Anuyat (also known as Penpenny Infotech Pvt. Ltd)’.

Impact On Employees

Nothing will change for you! The change in name would not affect your pay and perks even a bit.  Your growth would not be disturbed, and as a matter of fact, we are working towards boosting the growth of Anuyat which, in turn, would be beneficial to you and help you grow better and faster.


As we transition from ‘Penpenny Infotech’ to ‘Anuyat’, we envision a brighter future for all stakeholders, as we set new goals and strive to offer many such digital products like Penpenny. We are also looking forward to successful growth and even better business relationships ahead.

Find more about us here at – https://anuyat.com

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