Anuyat in 2021 – A Rewind

What a year!

2021 will always be remembered as the year of greatest challenges, personally and across businesses. The world did not lose hope; instead, we all stood in unison to sail through the high tide.

Specifically speaking, the digital revolution across the globe helped many businesses to continue to serve, startups to rise, and created beautiful cooperation among people with the “Vocal for Local” slogan. We feel proud to contribute to this cause with our commitment to digitally transforming ideas.

Achieved 100 percent growth in new client relationships

It takes a lot of arduous work, time, and mutual trust to transform a client into a full-fledged member of the Anuyat family. We can rightly say that we have seen a hundred percent expansion in building new client relationships that will last us a lifetime. We not only increased our customer base exponentially but have been successful in keeping the trust of our loyal customers intact.   Our previous success has led us to enter the new areas of healthcare and telecom sectors within the US territory. We touched on one of the most critical aspects of today’s times – kid’s physical & mental health.   We collaborated with our client to design an online application for Kids to manage their fitness goals and keep track of their progress. Our team created a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for this idea was developed to introduce it to the beneficiaries – kids, parents, and teachers.   We are determined to continue adding such community-serving projects in 2022 as well.


Expanded Anuyat family by 70 percent   

By adding new professionals and experts to Anuyat, we created an environment where the learning and development of individuals are of the utmost importance.

Withal we have seen a 70% growth in our family. We welcomed experts in quality assurance, writing, UI/UX, DevSecOps, and client relationship to help deliver the excellence that we always promise to our clients.   The expansion is not just numerical but qualitative as well. We have onboard experts from high-demand technology domains such as Flutter, Firebase, AWS, etc. These inclusions have strengthened our overall thought process and commitment to providing the best solutions in the industry.

Prioritized Wellness

Our team’s sound physical and mental health is at a top priority, now and always. WFH has been inevitable for the last two years. In such a WFH environment, we have ensured continuous and seamless communication by providing and encouraging people to chat, call, group meet via Teams, Slack, Google Meets, calls, etc. Like most people worldwide, technology has enabled us to stay connected impeccably. This change is transformational. And we are proud to not only participate in but excel and lead this digital revolution.

Along the lines, Anuyat’s members have been blessed with a new insurance scheme that focuses on the current circumstances and uncertainties. Health insurance will cover the “Anuyatians” and their family members for most health concerns.

A positive and safe workspace is what we aim for our extended family.

Moved to best technologies to deliver scalable applications with Flutter, AWS (Amazon Web Services) & more.

Keeping up with modern trends, we enabled ourselves to move towards better operations with scalable technologies such as Flutter, AWS, and alike. Technology changes are a little challenging, but we made a smooth transition for our in-house and client’s applications with our technical maestros.

The significant difference after adopting these technologies can be seen in how our existing applications are handling the business data & process loads. The clients can implement their increased workload in minimum time and get the expected experience.     For some applications, the transition was a little more challenging than others. But with the collaboration of our in-house team of technical expertise and third-party application support, it became as smooth as a cheesecake.

The changes were inevitable to deliver applications that are better suited to the modern landscape and are also relevant in various geographical areas.  

Reached newer regions of the US, Europe, and Asia, with our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) & Application Development Service

We achieved growth with operations scaling to newer regions domestically and internationally as a team. It was an amazing experience to serve businesses from Netherland, Atlanta, and others.

This multi-national and multi-cultural conglomeration is helping us to have a multi-dimensional perspective and business acumen.

We cannot thank our Anuyat team enough for consistently meeting expectations while delivering newer solutions in multiple regions.

Anuyatians have worked to the highest level of their potential, and as Frank Sinatra said -the best is yet to come.

Let us all step into 2022 with a more significant commitment to excellence.

Once again, a billion thanks to our partners & clients for entrusting their faith with us.

Team Anuyat. 


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