Anuyat launches

Anuyat launches

MVP at Anuyat

We all want a minimum viable product (MVP), and we all think of MVP. It is just that many of us are still not aware of such a powerful concept.

To help the community, Anuyat has built an interactive platform called This platform is an online tool that helps you know what an MVP is, how you can make one for yourself, what it takes to build a minimum viable product, and what to expect from your MVP. Furthermore, it helps gauge the scope of your idea and tells you what MVP is.

What is an MVP?

The MVP acts as the most basic and functional form of a product and gives you enough information to determine whether it would be viable for your business. Like every implementation of something new, your MVP will have costs associated with it, and deciding on its scope is one of the most crucial factors for a successful MVP. It is like scoping an application but on a minimum viability scale.

The power of MVP, harnessed by

How will you feel if we say,

  • MVP can save up to 45% of your digital product development cost.
  • MVP can give you a market-launch product in just 90 days.
  • MVP lets you understand the market trends and idea’s viability 80% more accurately than any Market Research firm?

All this and more.

Sounds compelling, isn’t it?

So if MVP is such a magical wand, shouldn’t you know all about it?

That got us thinking, and this is how was born.

With, we aim to educate everyone in our community about the minimum viable concept and how they can turn it into something amazing to transform their idea.

To begin with, you can browse through what’s an MVP.

How is  the platform helpful to any business?

The online platform helps you estimate the cost and scope of your MVP by directly asking you questions about your idea. This means that you get a quick assessment of what it will take to get started with your idea, which allows you to make an educated decision on whether to proceed.

The prime purpose of is to understand what a minimum viable product entails.

An ” idea ” journey to the first “market fit product” is accelerated by 60 percent.
The platform contains minimum possible interactive screens that would cover all the relevant parameters one needs to consider while beginning with the transformation of an idea.
If you are not clear about the requirements, the platform calculates with the default values, giving you basic default results for the cost and scope of the MVP.
The platform is complementary to use, with unlimited access. No signups or personal information is required to get your MVP estimation.
There are dedicated sections on the platform for each topic for those who need to learn what an MVP is or the phases of MVP development.
The whole estimation process hardly takes 5 minutes, and you will be provided with a mailable pdf copy of the MVP proposal, an optional service of the platform.

The first look of the platform

Simplicity is the best design. The idea behind platform is to provide simple interfaces that take you on an insightful tour. With each step, you can see your idea getting shaped into an MVP and it can continue to build throughout the scoping of application.

  • Read and know the complete MVP development process. Acquaint yourself with knowledge about the minimum viable product.
  • The estimation will begin with simply naming your idea for digital transformation, followed by a brief description.
  • Choose your target market and audience. This information will later help finalize the most appropriate features for the first phase of the MVP.
  • Categorize your idea based on its impact on different walks of life.
  • Decide upon the functions you aspire to have in your MVP. Do not worry about making it perfect. You can always add or subtract the functions later while scoping an application. (This is true for every interface on the platform).
  • Get an estimated time and cost associated with digitally transforming your idea into an MVP. You pick to send your MVP proposal to your Email address. Or contact us for a detailed discussion.

Who can use the platform?

The platform is well-suited for budding entrepreneurs, startups, companies passionate about building digital products, and any ideator on the mission to create a difference with a vision.

We invite everyone to visit, especially those who have an idea for a digital product and wish to see it building right from scratch.

The platform claims to bring down the cost of ideating to a significant low of 45%. You can feel the transition of your unstructured idea into something solid, with each passing interactive & straightforward interface.

The platform’s purpose is to be on your side when you shout, “MVP Resources, ASSEMBLE!”


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