Anuyat met the best of businesses at TechSparks 2022, 13th Edition

Anuyat has recently been a part of India’s most influential tech event, TechSparks 2022, 13th Edition, at Taj Yeshwantpur, Bangalore, organized by YourStory Media. The three-day event, which was attended by Jivan Ghadage, Founder & CEO at Anuyat, and Ashish Nanda, Sr.BDM, at Anuyat, came with some amazing opportunities and learnings.

Why Anuyat wanted to be a part of TechSparks?

Anuyat has significantly contributed to India’s tech economy, which makes up 8% of India’s GDP. As SaaS service providers with mature business processes and global clientele, we have a lot to offer in terms of digital solutions for innovative ideas. And TechSparks was just the right place for the same.

Running into the 13th Edition of its existence, the TechSparks event has become the epitome of “All Tech Stars under one roof.” It has become a meeting junction for highly influential techies, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders. Thriving and learning in such a progressive space were major KRAs for Anuyat at the event. And what an absolute success we had.

Some of the wonderful sessions

The entire event was divided into multiple tracks, each catering to the challenges and growth of their businesses. They were named –

  1. Unraveling Creator Economy,
  2. Frenzy of Fintech,
  3. India’s GameTech Play,
  4. India’s Web3 Opportunity,
  5. Future of Indian SaaS,
  6. Mother-Verse,
  7. Scale up your Startup,
  8. Big Tech-Big Data,
  9. and India 2025: Outlook.

Since all the tracks have intersecting areas, all the sessions organized under them were insightful and brought us in sync with the modern-day outlook of the technology world.

The session by Sashank Rishyasrigna, Co-founder and MD, Axio, on the topic ‘Leading the change: Tech for all, gave us a new vision about empowering underserved consumers pan India.

As Anuyat has worked on implementing AI-powered applications for clients, the team was very excited to listen to Ankit Prasad, Founder and CEO of, who shared his wisdom over ‘Pioneering deep tech innovations in India.’ We also attended a session by Avinash Godkhindi, MD and CEO of Zaggle, to understand how we can contribute on the digital front when he talks about Strengthening MSMEs with the right digital tools

The list of the amazing session is quite an extensive one.

For a two-way interaction, we were obliged by many business leaders and founders over our request to have a brief coffee hangout. We heard them, they understood us, and the outcome was the promise of a future together.

Our takeaways

The first takeaway is to pack a bag of sandwiches at such events if you do not wish to miss important sessions. 😊

Also, the global technology requirements are well-metered and supported by highly innovative solutions backed by the government and non-government initiatives. In unison, we, all the technology partners, have immense strength to accelerate the world’s economy. There are a few challenges that need special attention, the major one being the development of sustainable solutions with disruptive technology.

We had a great time at TechSparks this year and can’t wait to be a more significant part of it for the next many years to come.


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