The year 2022 at Anuyat – An Year of Networking, Unique Opportunities, and Adept Talent Acquisitions

December at Anuyat is a time to take a pause and soak in all the actions of the past. This year-end ritual promotes self-analysis, reliving proud moments, and a greater understanding of the challenges.

The year 2022 begin with having senior talent added to the team, who brought greater stability to the project management. With the result, we could deliver critical projects right on time, with enhanced synchronization within the processes.

We have a lot more to share with you all.

Showstopper Projects

One of the best news at Anuyat came from our client, Vitalize Care. After winning multiple acclaims for their innovative application for healthcare workers, they bagged a category for the Best Pitch Award at TiE Global Summit 2022, Hyderabad.

Earlier this year, Vitalize participated in Terp Startup, a summer accelerator program for student entrepreneurs hosted by the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship, and won a $5,000 venture track category at the Do-Good Institute’s 10th annual Challenge and a $1,000 audience choice prize.

Read more about this event here.

As Vitalize’s technical partner, these recognitions have made us even prouder.

More SaaS Services for You

Our USP has always been to provide High User Engineering Experience/UX to clients. The year 2022 is essentially a year of some intuitive and highly-efficient user interface designs. The team invested more in product design talents to accommodate the surge in design-intensive applications such as a food delivery mobile app and telecom web application.

A logical UX roadmap is a tradition we follow from the beginning of product development so that as the product evolves and requires changes in the future, it should be less challenging, cost-effective, and takes minimum time.

Application development and MVP are Anuyat’s core development services, which are well supported by other services – Consultation & Assessment, and Managed Services.

The returns on our efforts

One aspect of growth for us has been in building stronger relationships with our customers. We have focused on providing exceptional customer service and consistently delivering high-quality products and services, which has earned us a loyal customer base and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

We won 60% new projects due to positive referrals.

Tools & technologies for increased productivity

The quality of projects delivered this year owes much to our adoption of some world-class tech. The tools such as Hubspot, Hubstaff, and Whimsical, along with Flutter & AWS helped in streamlining the internal and external management processes. We have been working on React Native, Kotlin, Angular, Nodejs, Mongo DB, Figma, Adobe, and After effects, since our establishment in the year 2018. Adding on these new technologies has enabled us to handle massive projects smoothly without facing any problems in the processing.

Reinvented ourselves at Townhall 2022

This August 2022, Anuyat entered its 5th year of establishment. The journey has been amazing from a team of 3 friends working in a 10X10 room to a well-structured organization of almost 100 exceptional talents. The pandemic period restricted us to meet often for the last two years, hence we found this an opportunity to meet in person and celebrate what we have achieved so far.

Townhall 2022 was organized in Pune from Sept 22-24 at Sunny’s World. The days were planned to have a good mix of fun, adventure, and business discussions. The team enjoyed meeting the newer additions to the family and helped them align with common customer service goals. The adventure activities brought out the personalities of all of us and helped us connect on a whole different level.

Enjoy the videos from the event.

Our footfall at the Tech events

Anuyat felt privileged to be a part of a few wonderful tech events in 2022.

  • Indian Mobile Congress, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi ( 1 Oct- 4 Oct 2022)

An event to showcase the latest trends, innovative digital solutions, and hardware advancements in the field of communication and mobile technologies.

  • TECHSPARKS by YourStory Media, TAJ Yeshwantpur, Bengaluru (10-12 Nov 2022)  

It was a platform to host the architects of India’s tech ecosystem to come together for deliberating, deep-diving, and understanding the promise of India’s tech agenda.

Read more about this event on our blog  “Anuyat met the best of businesses at TechSparks 2022, 13th Edition”

  • TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Global Summit 2022, HICC Novotel, Hyderabad (12-14 Dec)

With the largest in-person gathering of startups, entrepreneurs and investors, TiE Hyderabad hosted various knowledge-sharing tracks and awarded ideas & innovations, under various categories.

These events promoted Anuyat for its valuable contribution to the corporate and tech economy. It also created more growth opportunities for us, together with other visionaries from distinct professional streams.

Added professional gems to our team

Anuyat was started by young, passionate professionals. Their enthusiasm and passion to provide the best digital solutions were one of the USPs of the company but it is the experienced talents who brought coherence within the system.

We welcomed Ajit Pawar, as our Chief Strategy Officer in June 2022. Ajit added a new paradigm of project management and business operations. He is a certified Scrum Master, with 9 years of experience in leading software projects and product development.

We also found great leaders from amongst the existing team and crowned them “Head of Department” roles, one for each department viz T&ES, Sales, Marketing, HR, and Operations.

The change was needed to accommodate & streamline the increasing demand for new talent acquisition.

Let us congratulate and welcome all the new joiners, of the year 2022, and wish them a great work experience at Anuyat that helps to attain their goal and companies as well.

On a new pursuit for 2023

Many businesses are still striving towards building their digital presence. In this race, traditional businesses are working harder to be at par with the digital-first entities. To support these requirements, we have created highly efficient technical architectures for projects in the domain of Edtech and telecom.

The applications which started as MVP (Minimum Viable Products) in the beginning of this year, got promoted to their next phases, after being successfully launched in their intended market.

With this, we are now catering to major industry players in the global market including telecom, health and wellness, Artificial Intelligence, e-commerce, gaming, fashion, education, entertainment, finance, Real estate, and many more.

Feel free to share your digital transformation needs Contact our experts and get an estimate for your application.

Ending this year on an appreciative note

A year that’s passing by,

Brought us growth and eminence.

Buckling up for another one,

With greater zeal and predominance.

We have a lot rolled up for you.  LET’S BE NEW.

Happy New Year 2023.


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