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eSim Management Portal

Powering embedded Sim technology for Telecoms

It will be helpful to read how Anuyat designed and built a SaaS platform to manage the swift onboarding of MNOs, MVNOs, IoT providers, and others. And how it brought down the onboarding cost to 30% and enhanced the revenue by ten times.

AI-powered Pets Health & Appetite Monitoring

Happiness score for your pets' wellbeing

In this fast-paced world, a lot of us do not get time to take care of our pet’s needs closely. Most of the pet owners agree that there was at least one instance when their pet did not consume its food, fell seriously ill, or seemed too sad. Chomp AI came up with a very effective solution using the latest technologies.

Property Finder Portal

A constructive step in real estate of the US

Evolved as the best property finder solution for the real-estate sector in the United States, Perfect Skip is an integrated platform for Skip tracing that manages the information about landlords, property, asset history, etc.   

Healthcare Application for kids

FitToday ensuring balanced physical & mental health

With 3 mobile and 4 web applications, FitToday is set to prioritize kids’ health by putting them in the driver’s seat. That’s right!
Read about all challenges that Anuyat overcame while developing multiple-platform application.

  • FitToday – Student, Teacher, Parent Mobile App 
  • FitToday – Student, Teacher, Parent Web app 
  • FitToday- Admin Web App

One-to-One Online Tutoring by AskHow

Interactive screens to solve doubts in Mathematics and Physics

For the platform that solves Mathematics and Physics questions for the kids, the interactive and easily navigable interface is obvious. The client chose Anuyat to expect UI/UX designs that could represent the idea-intent accurately. And here we are! Check out now.

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