Fixigo is a platform that connects users with local service professionals for various home services, on demand car wash and repairs and maintenance. It facilitates the process of finding and booking reliable service providers for tasks such as on demand car wash, maintenance, repairs, installations, and renovations. Users can browse through a wide range of services, view profiles of service professionals, read reviews, and book appointments directly through the platform.  

Impact Delivered

Revenue increasing from $100,000 to $150,000 over the fiscal year.

Expanded customer base into five new cities in Q1 and an additional ten cities by Q4

Increasing to an average of 8,000 new customers per month

Facilitated a total of 20,000 service transactions in Q1, which increased to 60,000 transactions by Q4.

The Challenge

Geolocation and Mapping Integration: Implementing accurate geolocation features to enable users to locate nearby service providers and track their service vehicles in real-time for on-demand services. 

Real-Time Booking and Scheduling: Developing a robust booking and scheduling system that allows users to request services instantly and enables service providers to manage their availability and appointments efficiently. 

Service Tracking and Notifications: Developing features to enable users to track the status of their service requests in real-time, receive notifications on service progress, and communicate with service providers throughout the process. 

Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with local regulations and industry standards related to on-demand services, data privacy, consumer protection, and any other applicable legal requirements. 

Proposed Solution

Utilizing geolocation services and mapping APIs to determine users’ locations and identify nearby service providers. Integrating mapping functionality into the platform to provide navigation directions to service providers’ locations or offer mobile service units that can be dispatched based on user location. 

Implementing a robust scheduling and booking system that integrates with service providers’ calendars in real-time. This system can use technologies like calendar APIs, push notifications, and dynamic scheduling algorithms to manage appointments efficiently. 

Designing the platform with scalability in mind by using cloud-based infrastructure and scalable database solutions. Employing load balancing techniques, caching mechanisms, and asynchronous processing to optimize performance and handle spikes in user traffic effectively. 


The Results


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