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M – Mobile is a mobile application that provides eSIM services for travelers. eSIM, or embedded SIM, allows users to activate cellular plans without the need for physical SIM cards. M – Mobile offers eSIM profiles from various mobile carriers worldwide, allowing travelers to stay connected while roaming internationally without having to switch physical SIM cards.  

The app enables users to purchase and activate eSIM profiles directly from their smartphones, providing convenience and flexibility. M – Mobile aims to simplify the process of obtaining and managing mobile connectivity for travelers, offering affordable data plans and coverage in multiple countries. 

Impact Delivered

Allowing the platform to enter new markets and reach a wider audience.

The app’s user retention rate increased from 60% to 80% within three months after the app update

Revenue from eSIM sales increased from $50,000 to $200,000 within the first year of launching the updated app.

App grew from 5,000 activations per month to 20,000 activations per month post-app development.

The Challenge

M – Mobile comes with several challenges 

eSIM Adoption and Compatibility: One of the primary challenges is the varying levels of eSIM adoption across different regions and mobile carriers. Ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and carriers can be complex and requires thorough testing and compatibility checks. 

Security and Data Privacy: Handling sensitive user data such as eSIM profiles and personal information requires robust security measures to protect against unauthorized access, data breaches, and identity theft. Implementing strong encryption protocols and complying with data privacy regulations (e.g., GDPR) are crucial but can add complexity to the development process. 

Integration with Mobile Carriers: Collaborating with mobile carriers to offer eSIM services involves integrating with their systems and APIs for eSIM provisioning and activation. Working with multiple carriers across different regions adds complexity to the development process and requires thorough testing to ensure seamless integration. 

Proposed Solution

Anuyat has done rigorous research and understands eSIM Standards to stay updated with the latest eSIM standards and specifications to ensure compliance and compatibility. We have conducted device testing and compatibility thorough testing on various devices to ensure seamless eSIM activation and functionality. 

Implemented Strong Encryption and secure authentication: Encrypt sensitive data both in transit and at rest to prevent unauthorized access. We have implemented secure authentication methods, such as biometric authentication or multi-factor authentication, to verify user identity. Also, ensured compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR or CCPA, to protect user privacy and rights. 

Collaborate with Carriers: We established partnerships and collaborate closely with mobile carriers to integrate their services and APIs seamlessly like Telna, eSIMGo, POD etc and developed standardized integration processes and APIs to streamline integration with multiple carriers. 

The Results


Flutter – For mobile’s front–end development
Firebase - For notification management.
AdobeXD – For interface design.
Nodejs- For real-time data processing.
MongoDB – For maintaining a database of users, property, and messages.

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