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With the world being driven by 5G networks, the demand for eSim solutions has emerged like never before. We are proud to be a part of this revolution with our offerings in eSim SaaS development, for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs), IoT providers, etc..

The eSim solutions demand high-performance data integrations, faster access, and accurate management. Anuyat has an in-house team of experts working hands-on with various technologies to transition between traditional Sim management and eSim management.

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Moving from the era of just mobile connectivity to sim cards in watches, laptops, and IoT devices, telcos are presented with a great opportunity to acquire customers in new ways. For the consumers, the current ways of getting a connection from existing retail stores vs downloading the eSIM from MNO’s mobile application/website or by scanning the QR code at the airport/hotel is the new interface for subscriptions.

Anuyat’s eSIM expertise help MNO’s and MVNO’s build required infrastructure, SaaS applications, mobile applications to satisfy the needs by integrating with their existing infrastructure.


Comprehensive eSim

We are known to help Telecoms override tedious manual management of SIM profiles, speed up the onboarding of new network operators at a lesser cost, and get rid of repeated execution of many sequential programs by replacing them with automation. 

Multi-Tenant SaaS

Multi-tenant SaaS

A platform ready to serve MNO’s and MVNO’s of any volume
SM-DP+ Integration

SM-DP+ Integration

Various SM-DP+ integration supported
Reporting & Analytics

Reporting & Analytics

Detailed reports of financials and important activities with analytics
API Development

API Development

Custom API development for SaaS to other integrations
Notification Management

Notification Management

Advanced Notification monitoring and custom action interfaces to support business needs
Custom features

Custom features

Custom features development based on B2B needs

For delivering eSim solutions


Experience in delivering secure & scalable SaaS applications 

Hands-on with GSMA specifications

Implementation of various components of eSIM, e.g., eUICC, SM-DP, SM-SR, SM-DP+, SM-DS, GSMA, etc.

Integration of end-user devices and support for eSIM on different hardware.

User-centric UI/UX design for a butter-smooth system access


eSim Management Portal

Powering embedded Sim technology for Telecoms

It will be helpful to read how Anuyat designed and built a SaaS platform to manage the swift onboarding of MNOs, MVNOs, IoT providers, and others. And how it brought down the onboarding cost to 30% and enhanced the revenue by ten times.

"Anuyat offers best in class security, scalable enterprise SaaS development, support, and maintenance,"
- CTO, eSim Solution provider.


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Idea Validation

Two brains are better than one when it comes to validating the idea for the digital transformation.

Product Roadmap

We will help you with pre-development wireframes and prototype design of the product.

Strategic Point-Of-View

The product design is built while keeping the strategic flow of components and usability in place.

Post-Implementation Support

Anuyat monitors, listens, and supports all post-implementation product’s needs.

Product Enhancements

A team is ready to jump in whenever you decide to upgrade the existing applications.


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