Meet Our Leaders

Our leadership team share a common passion: to push boundaries, build solutions that empower, and unlock the potential of technology for a better tomorrow.


Meet The Leadership Team


Jivan Ghadage

Chief Executive Officer

Jivan is the core of Anuyat. He believes in clear communication, which paints a scenario both visual and verbal. With his vast expertise in the IT industry, he specializes in design thinking, client rapport building, and problem solving. His dedication towards work, providing results and humble approach make him an appropriate face of Anuyat.



Tushar Dattu

Chief Information Officer

With his extensive experience in technology and effective leadership, Tushar excels in leadership, guidance and direction. He leads a performance-driven team, which makes us one of the flagship service providers in the IT industry.


Ajit Pawar

Chief Operating Officer

Our Chief Operating Officer, Ajit focuses on three segments at Anuyat, namely Project Management, MVP Deliveries, and Company-wide overall Planning. He is responsible for planning the resources for the client’s projects, leading the team of developers, testers, and designers, and briefing the execution plan. He is primarily responsible for the demand-supply phenomenon from clients.


Shekhar Tad

Chief Financial Officer

Shekhar Tad our Chief Financial Officer, is passionate about business growth and financial excellence. He has experience in strategic leadership, financial management, and fostering innovation to maximize profitability and organizational success. He has showcased these abilities with success in the retail supermarket and software industries. With these achievements, he is a valuable team player at Anuyat.

Priyanka Bhosale

Chief Product Officer

Our Chief Product Officer, Priyanka is responsible for implementing the overall product strategy aligning it with Anuyat’s strategy. She is also responsible for product design, vision, development and organization. She also drives the team towards critical thinking, product innovation and growth. In her spare time, she exercises her artistic mind in painting and editing.

Salil Natoo

Chief Technology Officer

Salil’s journey from Team Lead with DevSecOps expertise to Chief Technology Officer has been fueled with a single goal in mind – to position Anuyat as one of the most technologically advanced companies. He specializes in delivering efficient SaaS and mobile applications while enhancing the company’s technical prowess through resource management and training. His constant focus on bridging gaps and nurturing capabilities has resulted in an excellent, flexible architecture for client’s products.

Kishor Chavan

Chief Strategy Officer

Our Chief Strategy Officer at Anuyat, Kishor drives relentless integration within the team. He is an expert in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Material Design, SASS, JavaScript, and Angular. With his assistance and expertise, our team creates responsive and interactive features, fueling business growth. He is the force behind our team spirit and positive environment whilst working.

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