Software Product Engineering

Transform your product vision into reality, uniting cutting-edge technology, established frameworks, and a distinctive visionary approach.


In the dynamic digital landscape, your success pivots on the caliber and originality of your software products. Our Software Product Engineering services transform your product vision into reality, uniting cutting-edge technology, established frameworks, and a distinctive visionary approach.  
Our team of seasoned engineers is driven by a passion for innovation, ensuring that every line of code we write is not just functional but forward-thinking. We take pride in our unique approach to Software Product Engineering, embracing challenges as opportunities to showcase our expertise and redefine industry standards.  
Whether you’re a startup with a groundbreaking idea or an established enterprise seeking a digital transformation, partner with us to elevate your software products to new heights.  


Our Services

Customer Experience Design

  1. User research : Anuyat seeks a deep understanding of the user’s needs, behaviors, and motivations to create a product that meets their requirements and matches their thoughts.

  2. Information architecture : Humans have an innate ability to comprehend information, our understanding of the information architecture processes helps in organizing and structuring content in a way that is easy to understand, navigate and consume.

  3. Interaction design : Design is the center piece of Anuyat engineering prowess, this involves designing the interactions between the user and the product including the layout navigation functionality and all transitions required to fulfil the outcome effortlessly.

  4. Visual design : A visual that appeals all senses positively is what Anuyat strives to achieve, this includes all visual elements of the product, such as color, typography, animations and imagery. 

Software Product Engineering

  1. Product Development : This is the core and heart of Anuyat’s engineering culture – Our ability and product mindset helps us excel in delivering scalable MVPs(Minimum Viable Products), Greenfield/Brownfield product implementations at compelling timelines and competitive costs.

  2. Product Modernization : All Products have a life cycle and technical debt, Anuyat Engineering teams keep a keen eye on modern frameworks and tech stacks and help you navigate effortlessly through the technical debts – future proofing is a core DNA in our approach.

  3. Cloud Native & Mobile first : We understand in today’s era different products have different architecture needs – some prefer Cloud native scalable, some like the convenience of cloud agnostic architecture – whatever may be your inclination Anuyat can help put together the best architecture blue print built for purpose including a mobile first and AI first approach.

  4. Generative AI Core : Our Generative AI Core approach is a transformational force in accelerating your product journey, enhancing efficiencies, foster innovation and improve quality. This also gives immense productivity & inherent security benefits helping you build world class products. 

Product Lifecycle Services

  1. Product Testing : Anuyat QA team can help you achieve high levels of automation leveraging open source/paid enterprise QA testing tools. We have extensive experience in web, mobile and thick client testing including several frameworks like Selenium/ Appium etc. We also have a strong legacy of Non-Functional Testing aspects such as performance, reliability, usability, accessibility and security.


  2. Agile Program Management : The Anuyat “DRIVE” framework is what distinguishes Anuyat from the rest – our ability to put together a strong product mindset team culture coupled with Agile methodologies, processes and systems makes us unique.


  3. DevSecOps : Our DevSecOps offerings helps engineering teams build and deploy secure, reliable, and compliant software products faster and more efficiently including DevSecOps best practices, such as dependency scanning, application security testing, automated policy enforcement, and vulnerability management. Our capabilities including both server infrastructure automation as well as entire software lifecycle automation.


  4. Product L1/L2/L3 Support/ Enhancements & Managed Services : Our philosophy of “Customer First” makes us extremely dedicated and committed to put in place world class standards of customer support at all levels.

Technology Consulting

  1. Assessments : We offer several types of assessments including Useability, Architecture, Technical debt, Testing CoE, UI and UX. Our ability to get in the “what” and “why” helps in ensuring a better product outcome and designs. Our Approachs are more hands-on in nature and help you move the needle faster .


  2. Cloud Migrations Advisory : Our Cloud Migrations offerings help you define the right roadmap to move from on-premise or legacy systems to cloud or multi cloud platforms enabling the benefits of cloud computing, such as scalability, agility, security, and cost-efficiency. Product engineering for the cloud is an essential part of the pre-cloud migration process, as it ensures that the products are cloud-ready and compatible with the chosen cloud architecture. We can help refine and fine tune your cloud ops services enabling maximum value and savings.


  3. Data Strategy and Analytics Advisory : Developing comprehensive data strategies aligned with your business objectives. Advising on the implementation of advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning for actionable insights. 

Our Differentiators

Drive Framework for Engineering

At Anuyat Engineering, our commitment to excellence is encapsulated in our distinctive DRIVE framework, representing our core values and innovative approaches that set us apart in the engineering landscape.

Anuyat for the Specially Abled

Anuyat Engineering is proud to champion the cause of accessibility with our initiative "Anuyat for the Specially Abled ". Through inclusive design practices and a commitment to creating solutions that cater to diverse needs, we aim to bridge gaps and empower individuals with varying abilities, fostering a more inclusive digital landscape. Our fundamental belief is everyone deserves an equal chance.

Generative AI Backed Approach

Anuyat Engineering employs a forward-thinking Generative AI approach to engineering, where AI serves as a catalyst for innovation. From AI Augmented Design and Prototyping to AI Copilot for Agile Code Generation, our generative AI practices amplify creativity, efficiency, and precision in our engineering endeavours.

Our CORE value of TIDE (Transparency/ Inclusivity/ Diversity/ Empathy)

At the core of Anuyat Engineering's ethos lies the value of TIDE—Transparency, Inclusivity, Diversity, and Empathy. We are committed to transparent processes, fostering an inclusive and diverse workplace, and infusing empathy into every solution we create. TIDE is not just a set of values; it is the foundation upon which our success is built.


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